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Journey – Time3

Track Listing

Disc 1

“Of a Lifetime” (Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie, George Tickner)
“Kohoutek” (N. Schon, Rolie)
“I’m Gonna Leave You” (N. Schon, Rolie, Tickner)
“Cookie Duster” (previously unreleased) (Ross Valory)
“Nickel and Dime” (N. Schon, Rolie, Tickner, R. Valory)
“For You” (previously unreleased, lead vocals by Robert Fleischman) (N. Schon, Rolie, Robert Fleischman)
“Velvet Curtain/Feeling That Way” (previously unreleased) (Steve Perry, Rolie, Aynsley Dunbar)
“Anytime” (N. Schon, Rolie, Fleischman, R. Valory, Roger Silver)
“Patiently” (Perry, N. Schon)
“Good Times” (previously unreleased) (Sam Cooke)
“Majestic” (Perry, N. Schon)
“Too Late” (Perry, N. Schon)
“Sweet and Simple” (Perry)
“Just the Same Way” (N. Schon, Rolie, R. Valory)
“Little Girl” (from the Dream, After Dream soundtrack) (Perry, N. Schon, Rolie)
“Any Way You Want It” (Perry, N. Schon)
“Someday Soon” (Perry, N. Schon, Rolie)
“Good Morning Girl” (Perry, N. Schon)

Disc 2

“Where Were You” (Perry, N. Schon)
“Line of Fire” (Perry, N. Schon)
“Homemade Love” (Perry, N. Schon, Steve Smith)
“Natural Thing” (B-side of Don’t Stop Believin’, previously unreleased) (Perry, R. Valory)
“Lights” (live) (Perry, N. Schon)
“Stay Awhile” (live) (Perry, N. Schon)
“Walks Like a Lady” (live) (Perry)
“Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’” (live) (Perry)
“Dixie Highway” (live) (Perry, N. Schon)
“Wheel in the Sky” (live) (N. Schon, Flesichman, Diane Valory)
“The Party’s Over (Hopelessly in Love)” (Perry)
“Don’t Stop Believin’” (Perry, N. Schon, Jonathan Cain)
“Stone in Love” (Perry, N. Schon, Cain)
“Keep on Runnin’” (Perry, N. Schon, Cain)
“Who’s Crying Now” (Perry, Cain)
“Still They Ride” (Perry, N. Schon, Cain)
“Open Arms” (Perry, Cain)
“Mother, Father” (Perry, N. Schon, Cain, Matthew Schon)

Disk 3

“La Raza Del Sol” (B-side of “Still They Ride”, previously unreleased – alternate version) (Perry, Cain)
“Only Solutions” (from the movie Tron) (Perry, N. Schon, Cain)
“Liberty” (previously unreleased) (Perry, N. Schon, Cain)
“Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” (Perry, Cain)
“Send Her My Love” (Perry, Cain)
“Faithfully” (Cain)
“After the Fall” (Perry, Cain)
“All That Really Matters” (previously unreleased, lead vocals by Jonathan Cain) (Schon, Cain)
“The Eyes of a Woman” (Perry, N. Schon, Cain)
“Why Can’t This Night Go on Forever” (Perry, Cain)
“Once You Love Somebody” (Perry, N. Schon, Cain)
“Happy to Give” (Perry, Cain)
“Be Good to Yourself” (Perry, N. Schon, Cain)
“Only the Young” (from the movie Vision Quest) (Perry, N. Schon, Cain)
“Ask the Lonely” (from the movieTwo of a Kind) (Perry, Cain)
“With a Tear” (instrumental; previously unreleased) (Perry, N. Schon, Cain)
“Into Your Arms” (instrumental; previously unreleased) (Perry, N. Schon, Cain)
“Girl Can’t Help It” (previously unreleased – live video mix) (Perry, N. Schon, Cain)
“I’ll Be Alright Without You” (previously unreleased – live video mix) (Perry, N. Schon, Cain)


Disk 1 –

Disk 2 – Coming soon

Disk 3 – Coming soon

10cc – Windows in the Jungle

windows in the jungle front

windows in the jungle back

1 24 Hours 8:02
2 Feel The Love – Oomachasaooma 5:06
3 Yes I Am! 6:00
4 Americana Panorama 3:43
5 City Lights 3:31
6 Food For Thought 3:29
7 Working Girls 4:20
8 Taxi! Taxi! 7:36

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10cc – Ten Out of 10




Don’t Ask 4:02
Overdraft In Overdrive 3:24
Don’t Turn Me Away 5:03
Memories 4:31
Notell Hotel 4:56
Les Nouveaux Riches 5:11
Action Man In Motown Suit 4:45
Listen With Your Eyes 3:10
Lying Here With You 3:22
Survivor 5:46

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10cc – Look Hear



Track listing
One-Two-Five (Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart) – 5:21
Welcome to the World (Rick Fenn, Duncan Mackay) – 3:43
How’m I Ever Gonna Say Goodbye (Fenn, Gouldman) – 3:38
Don’t Send We Back (Fenn) – 3:20
I Took You Home (Stewart) – 5:18
It Doesn’t Matter at All (Gouldman, Stewart) – 4:01
Dressed to Kill (Gouldman, Stewart) – 3:26
Lovers Anonymous (Gouldman, Stewart) – 5:06
I Hate to Eat Alone (Gouldman) – 2:57
Strange Lover (Gouldman, Stewart) – 3:44
L.A. Inflatable (Gouldman, Stewart) – 4:32

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Yes – Yes (1969)



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Various Artists – The Hits Album Volume 15

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Various Artists – Deep Heat 10 – The Awakening

Track Listing

CD 1
1.The KLF – Last Train To Trancentral (Benio Over And Out) 4:51
Written: W Drummond, J Cauty, L McFarland, R Lyte
2.The Shamen – Hyperreal 4:09
Producer + Programmed: Colin Shamen | Written: Angus, Shamen
3.Bizarre Inc – Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix) 3:57
Written: Meecham, Turner, Meredith
4.Urban Hype – Sycopath 3:56
Written: Bobby D, Lewis, Neat Lee
5.Greed – Give Me (Quadrant Mix) 4:05
Written: Mike Gray
6.Dionne – If U Want My Love (Big Club Mix) 3:52
Producer: Komis | Written: Andrew Komis, Vince Degiorgio
7.A Man Called Adam – I Want To Know 3:53
Producer + Mixed: Clark, Rodgers, Jones | Written: Rodgers, Jones
8.Alison Limerick – Where Love Lives (Come On In) 3:49
Written: L Kronlund
9.Gary Clail On-U Sound System – Human Nature (On The Mix Edit) 3:34
Written: G Clail
10.Wendell Williams – So Groovy 3:21
Written: Jim Post
11.Xpansions ft. Dale Joyner – What You Want 3:21
Written: D Joyner, M Cyrus, R Malone
12.M.K. – Get It Right 4:01
Written: Vandross, Kinchen, Miller
13.Shawn Christopher – Another Sleepless Night (Radio Edit) 3:56
Written: Mike ‘Hitman’ Wilson, Tracey Amos
14.C2C – Make Me Feel 4:09
Written: George James/C Peters
15.Taste – Super O 3:33
Written: ML/Hughes/Cox
16.KC & the Sunshine Band – That’s The Way I Like It (Remix) 3:58
Written: Casey / Finch

CD 2
1.De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) 4:07
Written: Jolicoeur, Skinner, Mercer, Huston, Mason
2.Rebel MC ft. Tenor Fly – Wickedest Sound 3:22
Written: Sutter, West
3.Tricky Disco – Housefly 3:23
Written: Newman, Wells
4.Band Of Gypsies – Travels In Hyper Reality 4:25
Written: Swanston, Cox
5.Friends Of Matthew – Out There 4:14
Written: Cino Berigliano, Mike Gray, Nick Ratcliffe
6.Rozalla – Faith (In The Power Of Love) 4:23
Written: Swanston, Cox
7.Frances Nero – Footsteps Following Me 3:59
Written: Ian Levine, Ivy Jo Hunter, Steven Wagner
8.Snap – Megamix 4:37
inkl. Ooops Up, The Power, Cult Of Snap, Mary Had A Little Boy
9.Black Box – Strike It Up (DJ Lelewel Mix) 3:48
Written: Davioli, Limoni, Semplici
10.Cartouche – Feel The Groove 4:11
Written: S Ramaekers
11.Lonnie Gordon – Gonna Catch You 3:40
Written: Davoli, Limoni, Semplici
12.Sue Chaloner – Answer My Prayer 4:23
Written: Swanston, Cox
13.Raze – Bass Power 4:11
Written: Vaughan Mason
14.Cybersonik – Backlash 4:01
Written: D Bell, J Acquaviva, R Hawtin
15.Dee Dee Brave – So Many Roads 4:02
Written: H Simpson
16.The Farm – Don’t Let Me Down 4:10
Written: Hooton, Grimes

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10cc – Deceptive Bends

deceptive bends front

deceptive bends back

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Apologies – album is all one file.

10cc – How Dare You




How Dare You 4:14
Lazy Ways 4:18
I Wanna Rule The World 3:57
I’m Mandy Fly Me 5:22
Iceberg 3:43
Art For Arts Sake 5:59
Rock ‘n’ Roll Lullaby 3:59
Head Room 4:21
Don’t Hang Up 6:19

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