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Pandora’s Box is a compilation box set album, released in 1991 by Aerosmith. Released by Columbia Records to capitalise on the band’s newfound success with Geffen, the box set consisted of three discs which cover Aerosmith’s output from the 1970s and early 1980s.

Alongside alternate versions, unreleased songs, live renditions and remixes, Pandora’s Box features previously released studio material, initially making it somewhat expensive for fans who had the band’s studio catalogue.

The original issue was as a long cardboard-box, containing three CDs (each within its own jewel-case, with inserts) and a detailed booklet. This latter detailed the tracks and had comments from the band members. Later issues did away with the outer box, utilising a cardboard slipcase, but reproduced the booklet in ‘CD-size’.

Their cover version of “Helter Skelter” is their third commercially released Beatles cover (after “Come Together” from the Sgt. Pepper soundtrack and “I’m Down” from Permanent Vacation), despite being the first one they have recorded.


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Disk 2 –

Disk 3 -

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