Alice Cooper – King Biscuit Hour (Live Los Angeles)

Track Listing

Welcome To My Nightmare
Years Ago 1
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Years Ago 2
Billion Dollar Babies
Years Ago 3
Years Ago 4
Some Folks
Cold Ethyl
Only Women Bleed
Devil’s Food feat. the incredible talents of Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter
Black Widow
WTMN reprise
the Awakening…sort of
Schools Out
Department Of Youth
Pioneer radio spots

Live at the Great Western Forum, Inglewood, Los Angeles, CA, June 18, 1975. This is a King Biscuit radio show. Ex- FM stereo. Recorded from FM by Phil Cohen. There is some dispute to this date. Some place it as June 17.

“Unfortunately, I have no info or song line-ups for this concert, but it is a high quality recording. The Alice Cooper concert is from 197(5) when he was touring behind the album ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’. The show was recorded off the radio.” – Philip Cohen

Alice Cooper appeared three times in concert on the King Biscuit Flower Hour in the ’70s. We’ll wager it was because of Cooper’s attention-seeking aura. When Cooper split with the original Alice Cooper Band it was over direction. He wanted more theatre, the band wanted more music. A holiday was declared after Muscle Of Love (remember the sailor suits the band had to wear?).

When he returned, Alice Cooper was a solo act with the twin guitar power of Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter. This was producer Bob Ezrin’s idea to use Lou Reed’s band. You can hear their guitar ambitions on Devil’s Food, a lengthy duel that is marred by too much bass in the mix.

It’s clear from this show that Cooper was right. Just listen to the cheers from the crowd. However, he took the stage life a bit too far and a diet of beer and whiskey soon dumbed his talent and Cooper retired to a sanitarium in 1977. By the time he recovered, Cooper’s minor chart hits were exclusively ballads or mid-tempo tunes. One embarrassing turn was his appearance on The Muppet Show in 1978 singing mid-tempo tunes except for School’s Out. Cheer then to this excellent King Biscuit show that captures Cooper at his peak.

This show is widely circulated and was among the early CD bootlegs coming from Europe (When Nightmare Turns Into Dreams on Oh Boy Records). A “complete” version with all the DJ talk and radio commercials also circulates. Thankfully, Phil’s version is just the complete show.

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