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Arthur Brown – Live BBC 1968/New York 1969




ARTHUR BROWN  BBC 1968/New York 1969 [no label, 2CD]

Disc 1: BBC Sessions 1968. Good to very good radio/TV broadcasts.

Disc 2: Live at the Schaefer Music Festival, Wollman Rink, Central Park, New York, NY; June 28, 1968. Passable audience recording.

Arthur Brown is an English rock and roll musician best known for his flamboyant, theatrical style, wide ranging operatic vocal style and significant influence on Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, Marilyn Manson, George Clinton, Kiss and King Diamond…   Brown quickly earned a reputation for outlandish performances, which included the use of a burning metal helmet, that led to occasional mishaps, such as during an early appearance at the Windsor Festival in 1967, where he wore a colander on his head soaked in methanol. The fuel poured over his head by accident and caught fire… The flaming head then became an Arthur Brown signature. On occasion he also stripped naked while performing, most notably in Italy, where, after setting his hair on fire, he was arrested and deported…    Those were the days… “The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown”… that really sums it up.

Here is a two-disc compilation that is really aimed for the diehard fan/collector. The sound on Disc One is generally fine. While the sound on Disc Two may leave much to be desired, this is what davmar77 wrote:   Except for a few video clips, this is the only Arthur Brown show I know of from back then. It took place in New York’s Central Park in June of 1969. Beware though, it’s rare and you will probably not hear another show unless some who taped in the London clubs comes forward, the quality is not good. Due to the extremely rare nature of this, I’m sure many folks here will still want it.   Thanks to boombox who shared the BBC tracks on the net in 2005; and to davmar77 for sharing the New York show at Dime.

Disc 1: BBC Sessions 1968

01. Fire Poem [BBC 1968] – Omitted*

02. Fire [BBC 1968] – Omitted   UK radio (BBC) Top Gear, London, Picadilly, Studio 1 – recorded April 8, 1968, broadcast on April 28

Track 03. I Put A Spell On You [BBC 1968] (5.6MB)

Track 04. Child Of My Kingdom [BBC 1968] (6.8MB)

Track 05. Come And Buy [BBC 1968] (7.6MB)

06. Devil’s Grip – Omitted

07. What’s Happening – Omitted

08. Space Plucks/Dem Bones – Omitted

09. You Don’t Know – Omitted

Track 10. The Water Suite [unknown, unreleased track]

Track 11. Gypsy [Kingdom Come Rehearsal with Drum Machine]

Track 12. Fire Poem [Tom Jones Show 1968] (2.6MB)

Track 13. Fire [Tom Jones Show 1968] (5.1MB)

* Tracks 1, 2 – Official 2CD Crazy World Of Arthur Brown – Deluxe Edition

Track 6, 7 – 7-inch singles  Track 8 – Lost Ears

Track 9 – Official Flexi-disc

Disc 2  Schaefer Music Festival, Wollman Rink, Central Park, New York, NY; June 28, 1969

Track 01. Nightmare (5:37)

Track 02. Spoken Word 1 (1:57)

Track 03. I Put A Spell On You (4:35)

Track 04. Spoken Word 2 (1:27)

Track 05. Lucille/Spoken Word 3 (4:30)

Track 06. Confusion/Poem/Spontaneous Apple Creation/Fire Poem (18:24)

Track 07. Fire (4:50)

Thanks to zubbid for the tracklist.

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