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Clash – Street Rats (rareities, demos and outtakes)

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Clash – Live Chicago 1979

Track Listing

Jimmy Jazz.
I’m so bored with the USA
Complete Control
London Calling
Pressure Drop?**
White Man in Hammersmith
Koka Kola
I fought the Law
Jail Guitar Doors
Guns of Brixton?**
English Civil War?**
Police and Thieves
Stay Free
Clash City Rockers
Safe European Home
Capital Radio
Janie Jones
Armagideon Time
Career Opportunities
White Riot

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Clash – The Clash


Clash – Midnight Special – 1976

Track Listing

02.I Know What To Think About You
03.I Never Did It?
04.How Can I Understand The Flies?
05.Janie Jones
06.Protex Blue
07.Mark Me Absent
08.Deadly Serious
09.What’s My Name
10.Sitting At My Party
11.48 Hours
12.I’m So Bored With You
13.London’s Burning

This is said to be the first ever recording of the Clash.

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