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Donovan – 25 Years In Concert

This album was originally released under the name RISING.

Rising is the third live album, and twentieth album overall, from British singer-songwriter Donovan. It was released on Permanent Records in 1990 (LP and CD). The live versions of Donovan’s hits guaranteed that Rising would receive a release in both the United States and United Kingdom. Rising was retitled The Classics Live in the United States, 25 Years in Concert in Europe and Atlantis in the UK for marketing reasons. Since the release of Rising, there have been many reissues of the songs from the album under many different titles.

Rising was supposedly recorded sporadically from 1982 through 1986 at various live concerts during different world tours. However after careful research the songs on the album came from are revealed as a U.S. tour in 1971 and from the Cambridge Folk Festival of 1981.


Donovan (Donovan Phillips Leitch, born 10 May 1946, in Maryhill, Glasgow), is a British singer-songwriter and guitarist. Emerging from the British folk scene, he developed an eclectic and distinctive style that blended folk, jazz, pop, psychedelia, and world music.

Donovan came to fame in the United Kingdom in early 1965 with a series of live performances on the pop TV series, Ready Steady Go!, and his popularity spread to the US and other countries. After signing with the British label, Pye Records in 1965, he recorded a handful of singles and two albums in the folk music vein. After extricating himself from his original management contract, he began a long and successful collaboration with leading independent record producer Mickie Most, scoring a string of hits in the UK, the US, Australia and other countries, including several British and American #1 hits and million-selling records. Donovan was the first artist to be signed to CBS/Epic Records by then-new Administrative Vice President Clive Davis, who later became head of the CBS Record empire.

Donovan was one of the leading British recording artists of his day. He produced a series of hit albums and singles between 1965 and 1970. He became a friend of leading pop musicians including Joan Baez, Brian Jones, Bruce Springsteen, and The Beatles. He influenced both John Lennon and Paul McCartney when he taught them his finger-picking guitar style in 1968. Donovan’s commercial fortunes waned after he parted ways with Mickie Most in 1969, and he left the music industry for a time.

He continued to perform and record sporadically in the 1970s and 1980s, but gradually fell from favour. His gentle musical style and hippie image was scorned by critics, especially after the advent of punk rock. Donovan withdrew from performing and recording several times during his career, but he underwent a revival in the 1990s with the emergence of the rave scene in Britain. Late in the decade, he recorded the 1996 album Sutras with producer and long-time fan Rick Rubin and released a new album, Beat Cafe, in 2004.

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Donovan – Fairytale

Track Listing

Original album (UK)

Side 1

1.”Colours” (Donovan Leitch) – 2:11
2.”To Try for the Sun” (Donovan Leitch) – 3:36
3.”Sunny Goodge Street” (Donovan Leitch) – 2:55
4.”Oh Deed I Do” (Bert Jansch) – 2:00
5.”Circus of Sour” (Paul Bernath) – 1:50
6.”Summer Day Reflection Song” (Donovan Leitch) – 2:11

Side 2

1.”Candy Man” (traditional; arranged by Donovan Leitch) – 3:25
2.”Jersey Thursday” (Donovan Leitch) – 2:13
3.”Belated Forgiveness Plea” (Donovan Leitch) – 2:54
4.”The Ballad of a Crystal Man” (Donovan Leitch) – 3:50
5.”The Little Tin Soldier” (Shawn Phillips) – 3:02
6.”The Ballad of Geraldine” (Donovan Leitch) – 4:38

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Donovan – Sunshine Superman

Original album (US)[

“Sunshine Superman” (single edit) – 3:15
“Legend of a Girl Child Linda” – 6:50
“Three King Fishers” – 3:16
“Ferris Wheel” – 4:12
“Bert’s Blues” – 4:00
“Season of the Witch” – 4:56 +
“The Trip” – 4:34
“Guinevere” – 3:41
“The Fat Angel” – 4:11
“Celeste” – 4:08

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Donovan – Super Hits


Donovan – What’s Bin Did and What’s Bin Hid (Catch The Wind in the US)

Track Listing

Original album (UK)
Side 1

1.”Josie” (Donovan Leitch) – 3:28
2.”Catch the Wind” (Donovan Leitch) – 2:56
3.”Remember the Alamo” (Jane Bowers) – 3:04
4.”Cuttin’ Out” (Donovan Leitch) – 2:19
5.”Car Car” (Woody Guthrie) – 1:31
6.”Keep on Truckin’” (traditional; arranged by Donovan Leitch) – 1:50
Side 2

1.”Gold Watch Blues” (Mick Softley) – 2:33
2.”To Sing for You” (Donovan Leitch) – 2:45
3.”You’re Gonna Need Somebody on Your Bond” (traditional; arranged by Donovan Leitch) – 4:04
4.”Tangerine Puppet” (Donovan Leitch) – 1:51
5.”Donna Donna” (Aaron Zeitlin, Sholom Secunda, Arthur S Kevess, Teddi Schwartz) – 2:56
6.”Ramblin’ Boy” (Donovan Leitch) – 2:33

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