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Dr Hook – Classic Masters

Track Listing

1. Millionaire – Dr. Hook, Tracy
2. Only Sixteen – Dr. Hook, Cooke, Sam
3. A Little Bit More – Dr. Hook, Gosh, Bobby
4. If Not You – Dr. Hook, Locorriere, Dennis
5. Walk Right In – Dr. Hook, Cannon, Gus
6. Sharing the Night Together – Dr. Hook, Aldridge, A.
7. All the Time in the World – Dr. Hook, Silverstein, Shel
8. When You’re in Love With a Beautiful Woman – Dr. Hook, Stevens, Even
9. Better Love Next Time – Dr. Hook, Keith
10. Sexy Eyes – Dr. Hook, Mather, R.J.
11. Years From Now – Dr. Hook, Cochran, Charles
12. The Cover of the Rolling Stone (live)

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