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Eddy Grant – All The Hits

Track Listing

A1    Living On The Frontline
A2    Romancing The Stone
A3    Boys In The Street
A4    California Style
A5    Walking On Sunshine
A6    Can’t Get Enought Of You
A7    I Don’t Wanna Dance
B1    Baby Come Back
B2    War Party
B3    Electric Avenue
B4    Do You Feel My Love
B5    My Turn To Love You
B6    Hello Africa
B7    ‘Till I Can’t Take Love No More


Eddy Grant – Hits From The Frontline

Track Listing

1. Electric Avenue
2. Gimme Hope Joanna
3. Boys On The Street
4. Do You Feel My Love
5. I Love You, Yes I Love You
6. Say I Love You
7. Dance Party
8. Harmless Piece Of Fun
9. Killer On The Rampage
10. Romancing The tone
11. Baby Come Back
12. Put A Hold On It
13. Time To Let Go
14. Can’t Get Enough Of You
15. War Party
16. Til I Can’t Make Love No More
17. Walking On Sunshine
18. Living On The Frontline

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