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Hawkwind – Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music

“Reefer Madness” (Calvert/Brock) – 6:03
“Steppenwolf” (Calvert/Brock) – 9:46
“City of Lagoons” (Powell) – 5:09
“The Aubergine That Ate Rangoon” (Rudolph) – 3:03
“Kerb Crawler” (Calvert/Brock) – 3:45
“Kadu Flyer” (Turner/House) – 5:07
“Chronoglide Skyway” (House) – 5:04

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Hawkwind – Hawkwind



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Hawkwind – Anthology 1967 – 1981

Track Listing

1. Dealing with The Devil (Williamson)
2. Bring It on Home (Dixon)
3. Hurry on Sundown (Brock)
4. Came Home (Brock)
5. We Do It (Hawkwind ’71)
6. Born to Go (Brock/Calvert)
7. Space Is Deep (Brock)
8. You Shouldn’t Do That (Brock/Turner)
9. Seeing It As You Really Are (Brock)
10. Earth Calling (Calvert)
11. Motorhead (Kimister)
12. Watchfield Festival (Hawkwind)
i) We Do It (Hawkwind)
ii) Brainstrom (Intro) (Turner)
13. Magnu (Calvert/Brock)
14. Angels of Death (Brock)
15. Hash Cake ’77 (Brock)
16. Quark, Strangeness And Charm (Calvert/Brock)

1. Douglas in The Jungle (Bainbridge/Brock)
2. British Tribal Music (Brock/Bainbridge/Sweindlls/King)
3. High Rise (Brock/Calvert)
4. Spirit of the Age (Brock/Calvert)
5. Urban Guerilla (Brock/Calvert)
6. Masters of the Universe (Turner/Brock)
7. World of Tiers (Hawkwind)
8. Whose Gonna Win the War (Brock)
9. Ghost Dance (Bainbridge)
Bonus Tracks
10. Silver Machine (Calvert/Brock) [from "Live'79"]
11. Time We Left This World Today (Brock) [from "Palace Spring"]
12. Needle Gun (Brock) [from " Live Chronicle"]
13. Wastelands of Sleep (Brock) [from "Xenon Codex"]
14. Out of The Shadows (Brock/Davey/Buckley) [from "Space Bandits"]
15. Gimme Shelter (Jagger/Richards) [from "It's The Business of The Future To Be Dangerous"]
16. Right to Decide (Brock/Davey) [from "Electric Tepee"]


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Hawkwind – Doremi Fasol Latido

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Hawkwind – The Collection

Silver Machine
Born To Go
Dealing With The Devil (by Dharma Blues Band)
Urban Guerilla
Master Of The Universe
Who’s Gonna Win The War
Hash Cake ’77
Quark Strangeness And Charm
Douglas In The Jungle
Space Is Deep
Bring It On Home (by Famous Cure)
Earth Calling
Angels Of Death
Spirit Of The Age
Ghost Dance
You Shouldn’t Do That
We Do It

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