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John Lodge – Natural Avenue

Natural Avenue is an album by John Lodge of The Moody Blues. It received a favourable review from Robert Hillburn in the Los Angeles Times. It was later re-released on CD in 1987 with one bonus track, “Street Café” (originally released as a single in 1980). It was released again on Threshold in May 1996 with the additional bonus track “Threw It All Away (the B-side of the “Street Café” single) Track Listing

Side 1 Intro to Children of Rock ‘n Roll” (John Lodge) – 1:04

“Natural Avenue” (John Lodge) – 3:56

“Summer Breeze” (John Lodge) – 5:22

“Carry Me” (John Lodge) – 5:42

“Who Could Change” (John Lodge) – 6:00

“Broken Dreams, Hard Road” (John Lodge) – 4:33
“Piece Of My Heart” (John Lodge) – 3:56 “Rainbow” (John Lodge) – 3:53
“Say You Love Me” (John Lodge) – 6:25 “Children Of Rock ‘n Roll” (John Lodge) – 4:31

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