Deep Purple – Listen Learn Read On

Listen, Learn, Read On is a box set released by Deep Purple in 2002.

A collection of 74 tracks (around a quarter of which were unreleased prior to the album) across six CDs, all subject to extensive mastering at EMI’s Abbey Road Studios. The set starts with a selection of early tracks by the members of the band before they were in Purple.

The box set also houses a format book written by Deep Purple archivist Simon Robinson, which tells the band’s story via 120 pages of text, with pictures, cuttings, memorabilia, musician profiles and discographies.

Track Listing

1. Keep A Knockin’ – Outlaws (UK) (The)
2. You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You – M.I.5
3. Only Time Will Tell – M.I.5
4. Send For That Girl – Johnny Kidd
5. Porcupine Juice – Santa Barbara Machine Head
6. I Can See Through You – Episode Six
7. Mr Universe – Episode Six
8. Medusa – Trapeze
9. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is – Government (The)
10. See My People Come Together – Zephyr
11. Hush
12. Help
13. Shield
14. Listen, Learn, Read On
15. Kentucky Woman
16. Playground
17. Emmaretta
18. Bird Has Flown, The

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1. Why Didn’t Rosemary
2. Hallelujah
3. Ricochet (previously unreleased)
4. Bird Has Flown, The (previously unreleased, BBC session)
5. Hush (live)
6. Concerto Third Movement (reprise) (live)
7. Wring That Neck (previously unreleased, live)
8. Jam Stew (previously unreleased, BBC session)
9. Speed King (previously unreleased, BBC session)
10. Cry Free
11. Hard Lovin’ Man (previously unreleased, BBC session)
12. Bloodsucker (previously unreleased, BBC session)
13. Living Wreck (previously unreleased, BBC session)
14. MEDLEY: Studio Chat/Jam
15. Flight Of The Rat

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1. Mandrake Root (previously unreleased)
2. Grabsplatter (previously unreleased, BBC session)
3. Child In Time (previously unreleased, BBC session)
4. Jon Lord Interview (previously unreleased, BBC session)
5. Black Night (previously unreleased, BBC session)
6. Into The Fire (previously unreleased, BBC session)
7. Fools (previously unreleased)
8. Fireball
9. No One Came
10. Demon’s Eye

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1. No No No (previously unreleased, live TV version)
2. Highway Star (previously unreleased, live TV version)
3. Smoke On The Water (previously unreleased)
4. Never Before (previously unreleased)
5. When A Blind Man Cries
6. Strange Kind Of Woman (live BBC session)
7. Lazy (live)
8. Black Night (previously unreleased, live)
9. Woman From Tokyo
10. Smooth Dancer
11. Mary Long (previously unreleased)
12. Burn
13. Might Just Take Your Life

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1. Sail Away
2. Coronarias Redig
3. You Fool No One (live)
4. Mistreated (previously unreleased, live)
5. Space Truckin’ (previously unreleased, live)

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1. Stormbringer
2. Soldier Of Fortune
3. Hold On
4. Highball Shooter (previously unreleased, instrumental)
5. Gypsy (live)
6. Drifter (rehearsal)
7. Dance To The Rock ‘N’ Roll (Jam)
8. MEDLEY: This Time Around/Owed To “g”
9. Love Child
10. Wild Dogs (live)
11. Lady Luck (live)
12. Gettin’ Tighter (live)
13. You Keep On Moving

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