I was 43 when the new century started. What now for a middle-aged rocker?

With the coming of the internet, music has become more generally available. To expand on that what I mean is that material from groups such as Pink Floyd and the Stones are accessible which I could never have found pre-internet.

The first song I ever downloaded was YELLOW by Coldplay.

I’m 56 now and the age gap between me and the pop music age is greater than ever however the occasional ‘modern’ artist does catch my eye – one such one is Adele, I think she has a fabulous voice.

I’m not into Rap music music although I do like Eminem. I’ve most of his albums and can apprecaite (when I understand them) his lyrics.

Keane are another band that caught the eye (or should that be ear?).

I think HOPES AND FEARS is one of the best albums I’ve heard for a long time.

hopes and fears front

In 2013 the NOW collections celebrated thier 30th anniversary with the release of NOW 84.

NOW 84




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