60′s Gold

I was 3 when the 60s’ started so my initial memories of this decade are somewhat vague.

As with most other kids I tended to listen to what my parents were playing on their radiogram(!).

These were all 45′s or singles as they were referred to back then. I can certainly remember the following:

Beatles – Twist and Shout (EP, extended play) and the number one singles, She Loves You and I Want To Hold Your Hand.

Shadows – Atlantis


Gerry & Pacemakers – How Do You It & I Like It

Freddie & Dreamers – You Were Made For Me.

Dave Clark 5 – Bits and Pieces and Glad All Over

Not a massive selection you might think but one that definitely captured my interest at an early stage.

One song that I still love to this day from that period is WILLIE AND THE HAND JIVE by Cliff Richard. I don’t even think it was an A side but in those days (and at that age) it didn’t matter, you just played it! Even though I now have the Eric Clapton and Johnny Otis versions this song by Cliff always gets my feet tapping.

My next musical memory comes from 1967 when I had enough money to buy the latest hit and I couldn’t decide whether to buy Traffic’s “Hole In My Shoe” or Dave Davies’s “Death Of A Clown”. Anyway I decided to get the Traffic single so off I went to the shops however I came back back with “Death Of A Clown”! – typical of me. Needless to say I now have several copies of both!

As with most kids of that period I used to spend a lot of time with some of my relations whilst my parents were out of work etc. One of these was (to me anyway) an avid music fan. He had loads of singles and a few Long Players (LPs).

Amongst these were four early Beach Boys albums and it was these that made me an admirer to this very day. They were Surfin’ Safari, Surfin USA, Little Deuce Coupe and Shut Down Volume 2.

In later years (pre internet) I spent a lot of time trying to obtain a copy of Shut Down Volume 1 only to discover that it wasn’t an official Beach Boys album but a compilation of early surf  and drag songs.

In the late 60′s there were a set of LP’s released on the cheap featuring hits of the day being covered by studio artists. One of these featured hits from 1969. I had access to a copy and looking back it had some classic songs on it, for example Honky Tonk Women, Where Do You Go To My Lovely and In The Year 2525 to name but 3.

Elvis was still going in the 60′s albeit in a somewhat watered down version of his pre army self. One of his 60′s hits that has remained one of my all time favourite songs was IT’S NOW OR NEVER. Another of the aforementioned singles that I used to belt out in my tentertive years.

I suppose like most people I discovered a lot of good sixties music years after the end of the decade. One such artist was Bob Dylan. In the early 70′s I bought Desire and then headed into his back catalogue where I discovered the classics, LIKE A ROLLING STONE and JUST LIKE A WOMAN to name but two.

The end of the decade saw the emergence of reggae mainly thrrough the Trojan record label.

Desmond Dekker had the first reggae number 1 with Isrealittes in 1969. I got a copy on the compilation album REGGAE CHARTBUSTERS VOLUME 1. A classic compilation if there is such a thing. Most of the tracks were covered by UB40 on their highly successful Labour of Love album.





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