80′s Gold

The 80′s featured weird fashions but some of the best music ever produced (and some of the worst!).

Punk had effectively ended by the end of the 70′s, the groups had either split or evolved.

One of those was The Clash which co-incidently is what I’m currently listening to. “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”, the song belting out at the moment was their only UK number 1 single thanks in part to a TV advert.

This decade also heralded the beginning of the end for vinyl. By the end of the decade I was buying more cd’s than records.

I did purchase a lot of music in this period so this section should fill up pretty quick.

For example as I write this, Simon Le Bon is belting out RIO on the stereo!


I saw Duran Duran live at the Hammersmith Odeon, I can’t remember exactly waht year but I do know that RIO the album had been released. I thought they were great but being in my mid twenties at the time I did feel slightly old compared to the rest of the audience.

A short while after the aforementioned concert I was back at the Hammersmith Odeon to see Ultravox. Now that was a brilliant concert. I believe it was the tour to promote the Quartet album. Midge Ure was the co-author of the biggest charity single of all time “Do They Know It’s Xmas”.

As I write this update U2 are belting out A Sort Of Homecoming from thier break through album The Unforgetable Fire. It’s 2011 and they are still selling albums by the truckload!

Early in the decade someone at work organised a record club where each person would buy an album a month and this would to circulated around for each to listen to. A good way to introduce people to new genres of music. Anyway the first album was DARE by the HUMAN LEAGUE which co-incidently is the album I’m listening to now!

The latter half of the decade saw the emergence of REM who sadly announced their retirement as a group a monh or so ago (2011).

AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE was in my opinion thier best album although strictly speaking it was released in 1992!

The 80′s was also the time when I joined one of those music clubs where you got a free album for every 3 full price ones you purchased. God that helped to expand my collection somewhat. Sadly (or not) these clubs have now disappearred from the scene.



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