90′s Gold

A strange decade for me. In at 33 out at 43!

For the most part it was a decade by the return in popularity of the ‘rock group’ similar it a way to the rise of punk in the mid 70s.

Musically it was for me a decade dominated by Britpop.

Blur were my band of choice.

As usual it was thier biggest hit PARKLIFE that first got me listening to them. I bought the parent album  and that as they say was that.


Oasis did produce some great songs but they never had the variety of material that Blur had, hence I think they just ran out of ideas. The continual in-fighting between the Gallagher brothers also began to grate after a while.

One of the bands featured in this section is The Beautiful South. I’m drawn to this band in part by the quality of thier lyrics, some of them are just amazing. It’s hard for me to remember what track actually did it for me, I do remember “A Little Time” but am not sure it was that.

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