Neil Young – Accoustic Young


01 – Campaigner
02 – The Old Laughing Lady
03 – Human Highway
04 – Tell Me Why
05 – After The Goldrush
06 – Harvest
07 – Mr. Soul
08 – Here We Are In The Years
09 – Journey Through The Past
10 – White Line
11 – Give Me Strength
12 – Don’t Say You Win Don’t Say You Loose
13 – Mellow My Mind
14 – Too Far Gone
15 – Needle & The Damage Done
16 – Poca Hontas
17 – Roll An Other Number
18 – The Loosing End
19 – Love Is A Rose
20 – Sugar Mountain

Thanks to brus espringstin and ray Spencer for their help to find more info: it is actually a copy of the Joel Bernstein tape.

Ray wrote:

it looks like what you’ve got there is the so-called Bernstein Tapes. It’s a compilation of acoustic songs from the 1976 tour with Crazy Horse (the first Crazy Horse tour with Frank “Pancho” Sampedro taking the place of the late Danny Whitten). Joel Bernstein first connected with Neil a few years earlier as a photographer, and has played a lot of roles in Neil’s career, including, most relevant, official archivist.
I don’t know if there’s one agreed upon story about how this tape got out to traders, one version is that Joel gave the tapes to the roadcrew at the end of the tour as a souvenir. At any rate, it’s been bootlegged for many years now. Sound quality is excellent, as it should be for a soundboard recording (Neil records essentially all of his concerts).

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