Pink Floyd – “Happy 40th!”

Extract from comments made by “The Doctor” on this podcast:

I can’t believe it’s already the “end? of summer here in Boston.  Time flies.  The concert featured in the last podcast was roughly around Pink Floyd’s 20th birthday.  I remember 1987 like it was only yesterday.  Here we are, 20 years, staring down the barrel of Pink Floyds 40th anniversary release of their first album The Piper At The Gates of Dawn.  Actually it was on 5th of August but for this podcast we’re marking the 40th anniversary re-release.  The ‘cast is shorter than usual but it’s jam packed with many early gems and you can even fit this one on a CDR.  Hope you dig.

1. Interstellar Overdrive [Arnold Layne French EP]
2. Lets Roll Another One (demo rehearsal)
3. Candy And A Current Bun (mono version) [The Early Singles]
4. Arnold Layne (fake stereo version) [Works]
5. See Emily Play (acetate #2)
6. Scarecrow [BBC Playhouse Theatre, London, U.K. 25, September, 1967]
7. Apples And Oranges (mono version) [The Early Singles]
8. Apples And Oranges (stereo version) [Best of Pink Floyd]
9. Paintbox (stereo version) [Best of Pink Floyd]
10. Scream Thy Last Scream (Peter Jenner’s stereo mix)
11. Vegetable Man (Peter Jenner’s stereo mix)
12. Flaming [The Gnome U.S. single, B-side]
13. The Gnome [U.S. single]
14. Matilda Mother [BBC Playhouse Theatre, London, U.K. 25, September, 1967]
15. “experiment? [unknown]
16. Astronomy Domine [BBC’s ‘Look of The Week’, 14. May 1967]
17. Pow R Toc H [Maida Vale Studio 4, London, U.K., 20 December, 1967]
18. Nick’s Boogie [Tonight, Let’s Make Love In London]

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