Queen – At The Beeb

At the Beeb is a live album by the English rock band Queen, released on vinyl, cassette tape, and compact disc in 1989. Subsequently, it was released in 1995 in the United States under the title Queen at the BBC on compact disc and as limited edition picture disc vinyl.

The album comprises tracks recorded in two sessions for the BBC Radio 1 Sound of the 70s programme. The first four tracks were recorded on 5 February 1973; the rest were recorded on 3 December 1973.

All but one track appeared on the album Queen; the exception is “Ogre Battle”, which appeared on Queen II. However, the versions featured on At the Beeb are different from the original versions, being closer to the songs as performed live. This is most notable on “Ogre Battle”, as it starts right away with its riff (without any long intro), does not have any effects that the version on Queen II has and sounds much less polished. The BBC version of “Ogre Battle” did originally have a long intro featuring a grand guitar build up. It was not used for this release, allegedly because the original tape was damaged.

Track Listing

At The Beeb (1973)
1. My Fairy King (live)
2. Keep Yourself Alive (live)
3. Doing Alright (live)
4. Liar (live)
5. Ogre Battle (live)
6. Great King Rat (live)
7. Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll (live)
8. Son & Daughter (live)

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