Traffic – John Barleycorn Must Die

Track Listing

Side one

1.”Glad” (Winwood) 6:32
Steve Winwood – Hammond organ, piano, percussion; Chris Wood – saxophone, flute, electric saxophone, percussion; Jim Capaldi – drums, percussion
2.”Freedom Rider” (Winwood/Capaldi) 6:20
Winwood – vocals, Hammond organ, piano, percussion; Wood – saxophone, flute; electric saxophone, percussion; Capaldi – drums, percussion
3.”Empty Pages” (Winwood/Capaldi) 4:47
Winwood – vocals, Hammond organ, electric piano, bass; Wood – hammond organ; Capaldi – drums, percussion
Side two

1.”Stranger To Himself” (Winwood/Capaldi) 4:02
Winwood – vocals, piano, electric guitar, bass, drums; Capaldi – vocals
2.”John Barleycorn” (traditional-arr. Winwood) 6:20
Winwood – vocals, guitar, piano; Wood – flute, percussion; Capaldi – vocals, tambourine
3.”Every Mother’s Son” (Winwood/Capaldi) 7:05
Winwood – vocals, Hammond organ, piano, electric guitar; Capaldi – drums


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