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Young Gifted and black 2 black

I found this review and it seems to hit the spot.

“Young, Gifted, & Black 2″ is a sequel and there are rules about any sequel in that it’s likely most of the heavy hitters were on the first edition. What this can mean is a very mixed bag but also that some lesser remembered gems get polished off in the process, and that is pretty much what happens here.First and foremost this is a collection of the pop end of the reggae market and, as such, has a duty to provide its market with some chart hits. Looking through the list here that is certainly the case. The second edition also moves its timescale forward quite further than the first edition which seemed to root itself firmly in the 60′s and 70′s and by doing so gave creedence to the myth that there’s been precious little good (and popular) reggae since the death of Bob Marley. Credit due for finding some somewhat forgotten crossover gems. Although admittedly there are some inclusions to test the patience of even the casual listener.Beginning with the inessential then, 3 Bitty Mclean tracks is 3 too many and like being stuck in a room with an excitable child high on orange food colouring. Nasty in every possible conception. Add the dreadful Pato Banton/Ali Campbell colaboration and the turgid chart topper “I Wanna Wake Up With You” by Boris Gardener and one could well be forgiven for thinking this compilation has absolutely nothing going for it.However that’s 5 tracks. Which leaves you with 45 ranging from the highly servicable right through to the puzzling ommissions from the first set. Why “Night Nurse”, “The Harder They Come” & “Silly Games” had to even wait for the second edition is baffling. Including the likes of Toots & The Maytals, Johnny Nash, Bob Marley, and Bob & Marcia underlines the quality of the selcection although all of these tracks are readily available elsewhere.What actually makes this worth a better look is the inclusion of a string of late 70′s and early 80′s pop crossovers that aren’t always easy to locate but have stood up well to the ravages of time. Pluto Shervington’s “Your Honour” is still as risque and enjoyable as it was at the time of release, and Sugar Minott proves what a class act he is with “Good Thing Going” which only makes you wonder why more of his material didn’t chart. Add Errol Dunkley and Sophie George to that and it’s a pretty decent selection.There are a number of pop tracks from Musical Youth to Chaka Demus & Pliers but it’s ridiculous to claim this is a set for many outside the casual listener. That means the purists will despise it and those with more than a passing interest might have to grit their teeth or hit the skip button sometimes. It’s far and away above one star if only for reminding me of the existence of Apache Indian. Boom shack a lack indeed.

Track Listing

1-01 Jimmy Cliff –  The Harder They Come  3:05
1-02 Johnny Nash –  I Can See Clearly Now  2:46
1-03 Bitty McLean –  It Keeps Rainin’  3:47
1-04 Chaka Demus & Pliers –  Tease Me  4:05
1-05 Musical Youth –  Pass The Dutchie  3:15
1-06 Sugar Minott –  Good Thing Going  3:33
1-07 Errol Dunkley –  OK Fred  3:51
1-08 Maytals, The –  54 46 Was My Number  3:11
1-09 Bob Marley & The Wailers –  Lively Up Yourself  2:53
1-10 Desmond Dekker & The Aces –  It Mek  2:22
1-11 Dillinger –  Cocaine In My Brain  5:09
1-12 Maytones, The –  Brown Girl In The Ring  2:40
1-13 Jimmy Cliff –  Vietnam  4:47
1-14 Greyhound (4) –  Moon River  3:27
1-15 Upsetters, The –  Dollar In The Teeth  2:34
1-16 Bob & Marcia –  Pied Piper  2:47
1-17 Bruce Ruffin –  Mad About You  3:29
1-18 Jackie Robinson (2) –  Homely Girl  3:19
1-19 Ken Boothe –  Crying Over You  3:26
1-20 John Holt –  Killing Me Softly  3:56
2-01 Shabba Ranks –  Mr. Loverman  3:37
2-02 Diana King –  Shy Guy  3:39
2-03 Aswad –  Don’t Turn Around  3:40
2-04 Johnny Nash –  Tears On My Pillow  3:18
2-05 Bitty McLean –  Here I Stand  3:36
2-06 Pato Banton with Ali Campbell & Robin Campbell –  Baby Come Back  3:43
2-07 Apache Indian –  Boom Shack A Lack  3:47
2-08 Mr. Vegas –  Heads High  3:28
2-09 Beenie Man –  Who Am I  3:16
2-10 Dawn Penn –  No, No, No (Trojan Mix)  3:18
2-11 Janet Kay –  Silly Games  3:54
2-12 Boris Gardiner –  I Want To Wake Up With You  3:56
2-13 Sophia George –  Girlie Girlie  3:03
2-14 Black Slate –  Amigo  4:04
2-15 Bitty McLean –  Dedicated To The One I Love  3:42
2-16 Gregory Isaacs –  Night Nurse  4:02
2-17 Pluto Shervington –  Your Honour  3:42
2-18 Boris Gardiner –  You’re Everything To Me  3:38
2-19 Maxi Priest –  Close To You  5:28
2-20 Third World –  Now That We’ve Found Love  3:59


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